Capital Raising Advisory

We help you prepare to raise external capital or invest your own money in a privately owned venture.
For every investment successfully closed, a typical investor would probably look at a 100 investments, meaning that the selection process needs to be quick, concerted and with little room for mistakes. Second chances are rare, which is one of the reasons why a firm that is looking for investment would hire the services of an investment bank or financial intermediary.

In order to make you ready for an investment, investment bankers can take weeks, sometimes even months, to get the documentation and plans ready before they go to an investor, and understandably so as they would like the first impression to be strong and resounding. Unfortunately, the fees they charge can be quite high.Think of us as your own in-house Corporate Finance team working for and with you along every step.

Another trend with many investment banks and advisors is the commission structure built into the transaction. Quite often, the method of incentivising the banks/advisor through a commission on successful investment results in ‘deal chasing’ – where the advisors are driven by commissions on successful close and will accept investment from anyone just to realise their fees. Quite often, that isn’t in the best interest of your company as you will prefer an investor whom you can get along with and further, can add value to make your business grow.
If you should wish, we can structure our own fees so that we are tied into a transaction. Considering we will want to provide you with a full array of financial services for your business’ needs on an on-going basis, if we don’t already do so, you will understand why we are even more compelled to advise you in your best interests.

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ISA Consortium ensures to document and backup your financial affairs in digital and hard copy. We are flexible and pre-eminent.

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As ISA Consortium can come up with monthly, quarterly or annual management accounts, incorporating the Profit and Loss.