Payroll is an immensely important part of any business. There are plenty of articles promoting the importance of employee relations, but paying them is the simplest premise to ensure that your team turn up to work. Worryingly, it is exceptionally easy to go wrong with payroll as it demands a real time of knowledge of employment and tax legislation which is constantly changing. There is a growing amount of complex legislation as well as penalties for non-compliance. Not only that, but if you or over or under pay your staff the results can find them paying a bulk sum to HMRC or out of pocket.
At ISA Consortium we provide a comprehensive and confidential service that ensures your staff are paid on time and in keeping with the latest legislation. We also create customised payroll slips as well as a breakdown of all your staff costs so you know precisely where your money is going.

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ISA Consortium ensures to document and backup your financial affairs in digital and hard copy. We are flexible and pre-eminent.

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As ISA Consortium can come up with monthly, quarterly or annual management accounts, incorporating the Profit and Loss.